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Celebrating Life

Through Our Personal Chef Services and Catering


Celebrate with your friends and family in the comfort of your own space.

Enjoy a Personal Chef service where a classically trained and experienced chef

will come to your gathering and prepare delicious personalized meals for you and your guests.

Personal Chef Meal Prep

Personal Chef Services

Life can be hectic, but mealtime should always be a delight!  Lavender Culinary Services is here to bring gourmet dining to your doorstep.  Whether you have dietary restrictions, food allergies, or simply enjoy the luxury of customized meals, our personal chef service is the perfect choice. 

Shrimp and Vegetables Catering


Looking to create cherished memories with your loved ones during special occasions?  Leave the stress of planning, preparing, and cleaning up behind.  Our catering services are designed to provide you with a seamless and unforgettable experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy quality time with your guests. 

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Dinner Party

Be the life of the party without having to spend your precious time in the kitchen preparing multiple complex recipes while trying to juggle entertaining.


Your guests will be impressed and grateful to have had such a delicious meal and special experience.

We'll tackle everything from cooking to cleanup.

Leave the menu planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup in the hands of a professional. Relax and skip any worries knowing you will have a custom menu tailored for your occasion, exactly the way you envision it.

Chopping Vegetables Meal Prep
Chef Mary Russo

Chef Mary's culinary journey began in a busy household, where she quickly learned the art of cooking for her younger siblings while her mother was working.  During this early immersion in the kitchen, she experimented with food, creating cherished recipes that still grace her table to this day.  Her love for cooking at family parties and special occasions led her to making the life-changing decision of establishing her first culinary business on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula over two decades ago. 


Classically trained in Culinary Arts, it was her dedication to health and wellness that guided her to apply her culinary expertise in the healthcare field where she served as National Director of Culinary Services at a treatment center for people who suffer from eating disorders.  She draws on her extensive knowledge and experience with special diets, including food allergies and intolerances in her work.  

As a Chopra Certified Health Instructor, specializing in Ayurvedic nutrition, Mary is dedicated to promoting well-being through the power of food.  She offers personalized services that cater to individuals seeking a nourishing and balanced approach to their meals.  Her expertise in Ayurvedic nutrition ensures that every meal is thoughtfully designed to optimize digestion, support vitality and promote optimum health and wellness. 

Mary's entire journey has led her to her current business, Lavender Culinary Services, where she uses her culinary expertise and compassion for her clients' needs to create customized meals, so they can enjoy a life of vitality and optimal well-being. 

Brie Cheese with Thyme



Tell us about your needs.

We'll discuss what you envision and need, as well as if there are any dietary restrictions.


Receive a custom menu.

You'll be presented a custom menu designed specifically for your personal needs or special occasion.


Let us handle the rest.

Sit back and relax. The planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning will all be done for you.

“We continue to use Chef Mary and deeply appreciate her professionalism, warmth, and passion to prepare healthy delightful meals that nourish both our body and spirit.”


"Chef Mary is a joy to work with. She has this lovely warmth about her and is very easy-going. Mary is also conscientious and a true professional, going out of her way to make sure I'm happy with her services.


My only regret is that I didn't find Chef Mary sooner!"


Lavender Cookies
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